HCP Conferences

An academic conference or symposium is the stage for researchers to present and discuss their work. Together with academic or scientific journals, conferences provide an important channel for exchange of information between researchers. Knowledge conferences help to create a dialogue and participation between research scholars, students, libraries, educational institutions, research centers and the industry on a global level.

Following table compiles conferences and workshops that have been the premier forum on the latest advances in production of biotherapeutics and common obstacles in process development with focus on host cell protein impurities.

List of conferences and workshops 2023

11th Annual Host Cell Protein ConferencesMay 22-24, 2023Dubrovnik, CroatiaHCPs in Well-Characterized Products. HCP Issues for Non-Antibodies. High Quality Reagent Generation and Management. HCP Control During the Product Lifecycle. Applied use of MS for HCP Identification and Control. HCP Assay Lifecycle. Risk Assessment of HCPs: Patient and Product Quality Risks. NextGen Technologies for HCP Identification and Control. Cell Culture and Purification Perspectives on HCP Production and Monitoring.

List of conferences and workshops 2022

Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s 7th Annual
Host Cell Proteins
AUGUST 15 - 16, 2022Boston, MA, USACharacterizing and controlling process-related impurities, such as host cell proteins (HCPs), is a critical part of bioprocessing, with regulators now pressing companies for more data and questions emerging on the role of HCPs in emerging modalities. CHI’s Host Cell Proteins conference brings together industry leaders to discuss the evolution of analytical methods, standards, and control strategies in this dynamic space and to consider emerging understandings of the impact of specific high-risk HCPs.

List of conferences and workshops 2019

14th World Congress on
Pharmacology and Drug Safety
Dec 02-03, 2019Nice, FranceThe meeting aims to explore novel approaches in pharmacology, Drug Safety Systems and their application in the development of pharmaceutical and healthcare products. The conference program includes prompt keynote presentations, oral talks, poster presentations and exhibitions. It is an ideal platform for researchers, scientists and, delegates to share experience, foster collaborations across industry and academia, and evaluate emerging technologies across the globe.
Host Cell Proteins
Detection, Analysis and Control
Aug 12 - 13, 2019Boston, USAControlling process-related impurities such as host cell proteins (HCPs) is a critical part of bioprocessing. Analytical methods are available but coverage and specificity is limited. Moreover, the emergence of new techniques, such as mass spectrometry, has further compounded these limitations with regulators now pressing companies for more HCP data.
Pharmaceutical GMP, GCP & Regulatory AffairsAug 02-03, 2019Chicago, USA
Clinical Trials 2019 is a two-day program which includes most recent techniques, developments, novel strategies and various disciplines involved in drug discovery, clinical research, patient centricity, clinical site & supply management, medical imaging, data management and outsourcing in clinical trials. It will educate healthcare and clinical researcher professionals about design, operation, organizing, research computing, regulatory aspects and reporting of clinical trials. It also promotes better understanding by the general public about the importance of clinical trials in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases.
8th International Conference on Clinical Trials
Jul 19-20, 2019 Atlanta, USA
2nd International Conference on Biological & Pharmaceutical SciencesJul 12-13, 2019Yokohoma, JapanPharmaceutical Drug development & Drug expansion is the procedure of creating a new pharmaceutical drug to the global market once a lead compound has been found through the procedure of drug discovery. It includes pre-clinical research on microorganisms and animals, filing for regulatory status, such as via the United States Food and Drug Administration for an investigational new drug to initiate clinical trials on humans, and may include the step of obtaining regulatory approval with a new drug application to market the drug.
BEBPA 2019 - 7th Annual HCP ConferenceMay 15 - 17, 2019San Pedro, USAGeneration of Immunoassay Reagents That Display Greater Coverage
MS Identification of HCPs: Impact of Data Analysis Methods
Lifecycle Management of Critical Reagents
Safety Assessment for HCPs
Detection of HCPs in Commercial Products
PepTalkJan 15 - 18, 2019San Diego, USAPepTalk is one of the largest annual gatherings of protein science researchers in the world. Now, in its 18th year, PepTalk features renowned speakers from academia, biotech and pharma who bring global expertise and perspective to the forefront.
Detection and Characterization of Particulates and ImpuritiesJan 15 - 16, 2019San Diego, USACambridge Healthtech Institute’s 5th Annual Detection and Characterization of Particulates and Impurities conference will bring together leading scientists from biopharmaceutical industry, academia and government to discuss
novel technologies contaminant detection, host cell proteins, lipases and enzymatic degradation, particles and aggregates, leachable, chemistry and manufacturing controls (CMC) strategy for regulatory filings.
Biotherapeutics Analytical Summit March 4 - 8, 2019Westin Alexandria, USADistinguished speakers include leading experts from industry, academia and regulatory agencies, such as FDA, NIST, Sanofi, MedImmune, Genentech, GSK, Biogen, BMS, Juno, Merck, University of Kansas, Washington University in St, Louis, Osaka University and many more.

List of conferences and workshops 2018

Biopharma and BiotherapeuticsOct 24 - 25, 2018Boston, USAThe Biopharma and Biotherapeutics conference covers biosimilar development and its challenges, espcially immunogenicity as well as FDA guidelines amongst others.
Workshop offer: Process development with CHO and hybridoma cell lines: Differences, challenges, things to know
Host Cell ProteinsAug 13 -14, 2018Boston, USAThe Host Cell Proteins conference will cover areas like Clinical relevance of HCPs Risk assessment strategies across companies Control strategies.
BEBPA 2018May 14 - 16, 2018Dubrovnik, CroatiaThe BEBPA HCP meeting is the perfect place to get the full picture about current best practice for HCP analysis and
get insights about future developments. Focus lays on HCP ELISA coverage and orthogonal methods like Alphalyse.
Global Summit on Biopharma and BiotherapeuticsMay 14 - 15, 2018Montreal, CanadaGlobal Summit on Biopharma and Biotherapeutics will focus on many interesting scientific sessions and covers all frontier topics in Biopharmaceticals which includes Challenges in Biopharmaceutics, Biopharmaceutical Drug Discovery & Development, Clinical Trials in Biopharmaceutics, BA/BE Studies, Biosimilars & Biologics Drugs, and many more.
11th European Biosimilars CongressApr 26 - 27, 2018Rome, ItalyAlphalyse:
Identification and quantification of individual Host Cell Proteins (HCP’s) in biosimilars and comparison with originator using SWATH mass spectrometry