HCP Paper

The collection of research articles and papers below encircles the production of recombinant proteins together with the pitfall of host cell proteins (HCP), their recognition and purification. The accelerating progress in recombinant therapeutic protein production has been driven by rapid developments in technology, and with it new approaches for the HCP detection emerge. Keep in mind, newer publications may show workflow changes or improvements since this is a topical issue. Majority of the articles are freely available thanks to support from the The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI). We aim to maintain the list with constant updates

Collection of HCP research articles and papers

Monitoring process-related impurities in biologics-host cell protein analysis2022Pilely K34595561
The measurement and control of high-risk host cell proteins for polysorbate degradation in biologics formulation2022Li XPMC8826928
"High-risk" host cell proteins (HCPs): A multi-company collaborative view2021Jones M33930190
Understanding the mechanism of copurification of "difficult to remove" host cell proteins in rituximab biosimilar products2020Singh SK31661608
Tracking Host Cell Proteins During Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing: Advanced Methodologies to Ensure High Product Quality2018Stefanie WohlrabAPR
Identification of a host cell protein impurity in therapeutic protein, P1.2017Ahluwalia D28419935
A novel approach to characterize host cell proteins associated with therapeutic monoclonal antibodies.2017Thomson AS28112396
Characterization of Host Cell Proteins (HCPs) in CHO Cell Bioprocesses.2017Hogwood CEM28493135
Evaluating Immunogenicity Risk Due to Host Cell Protein Impurities in Antibody-Based Biotherapeutics.2016Jawa V27450229
The future of host cell protein (HCP) identification during process development and manufacturing linked to a risk‐based management for their control2015Daniel G. Bracewell25998019
Analytical Methods for the Measurement of Host Cell Proteins and Other Process-Related Impurities2015Kesh PrakashACS
Expression of difficult-to-remove host cell protein impurities during extended Chinese hamster ovary cell culture and their impact on continuous bioprocessing.2015Valente KN25502542
Measurement and control of host cell proteins (HCPs) in CHO cell bioprocesses.2014Hogwood CEM25032907
Identification and Monitoring of Host Cell Proteins by Mass Spectrometry Combined with High Performance Immunochemistry Testing2013Hogwood CEM24312330
Host cell protein dynamics in recombinant CHO cells
Impacts from harvest to purification and beyond
2013Hogwood CEM23328085
Host cell protein analysis in therapeutic protein bioprocessing - methods and applications.2013Tscheliessnig AL23436780
The dynamics of the CHO host cell protein profile during clarification and protein A capture in a platform antibody purification process.
2013Hogwood CEM22806637
Host cell proteins in biologics development: Identification, quantitation and risk assessment.2009Wang X19388135