HCP Detection Tools

Antibodies for Host Cell Protein detection

Polyclonal antibodies are the main tool for detecting and monitoring HCPs. Host cell species, different properties of biologics and both production and purification protocols all influence the HCP composition which results in a high degree of heterogeneity. To achieve this broad coverage a complex mixture of polyclonal antibodies is required. Additionally to broad protein detection, coverage of multiple epitopes of one protein is desired.

ELISA for Host Cell Protein detection

A HCP immunoassay is a specialized assay that is against all proteins of the cell line used to manufacture the therapeutic biopharmaceutical. The antibody for the HCP ELISA reagent is generated in order to achieve a high coverage of host cell proteins, ideally it targets all proteins. Main purpose of HCP ELISA kits is to monitor in-process consistency in the purification of that molecule.